Leading manufacturer of wood-based panels

Causa Holding LLC Ultradecor Group

Ultradecor Group is a world leader in the production and distribution of wood-based panels and related value-added products. We work to build a better world for many people.

Headquarter Qatar

Qatar was chosen as a headquarter for Ultradecor Group as there are more than eighty double tax treaties with other countries in place, which gives us access to

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Equipment and spare parts
  • Raw materials

Profit gives us the resources to grow – a bright future for our employees and the communities in which we operate.

We offer careers for young, ambitious people who want to grow with us.

Products and services
Our product lines are vertically integrated:

  • Ultraply (Construction materials)
  • Ultradecor (Decorative interior products and decorative paper)
  • Ultrachem (Chemicals)
  • Ultrafloor (laminate flooring)
  • Ultralogistics services (train, container, ships, logistic centers)

We want to offer best service in the regions we operate.

Our businesses are supported by shared service centers in Chennai (India), Bangkok (Thailand) and Wuxi (China).

Ultradecor Group Headquarter:
Address No 912-913, Floor No 9, Building no 12, Zone 61, Street, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

Our green commitment

Ultradecor leads in sustainability by using wood residue, minimizing environmental impact, promoting recycling, and ensuring responsible wood collection, safeguarding conservation areas.

Logistics Service

Customer service and reliability are key factors for Ultradecor. Our logistics department operates from various strategically selected locations, handling road, rail, sea and river transport to ensure prompt supply of raw materials and delivery of finished products. 

Ultradecor is committed to monitoring our logistics operations to ensure a secure supply chain to our customers and from our suppliers.